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We supply all your Steel Fabrication and Erection needs. We build commercial and industrial buildings.  We work hand in hand with owners and general contractors to maintain project schedules in a timely and safe manner.

We specialize in custom fabrication and installation of storefronts, misc metals, RTU frames, stairs and handrails etc.  We have reinforced many new wall openings in 100 year old buildings.  We have added onto many buildings, retrofitted lease spaces for retail tenants.  We understand priority of the safety of your customers.  We have worked on many remodeling projects while the stores where still open for business.

We have access to many metal building manufacturers to get you high quality buildings at the lowest price.  These buildings will be to your specifications, delivered in the fastest time possible.  Whether you just want a carport, canopy, detached garage, a barn or something bigger, we can supply your building needs! Want to add onto your existing buildng? We do that too! 

We repair existing buildings as well.  We will not force a customer into buying a new building if their existing building just needs a few repairs to get it in shape.  We can replace sheeting, purlins, girts, etc.

We work with property owners or general contractors.  We also can help property owners construction manage their own projects!  We have worked with many different sub-contractors through the years and can find the right people for your project.  

Steel Framed houses that look just like a wood one!  Steel Frame has many advantages!  Termites will not eat your house!  No wood rot!  Can be wind rated to the area you live.  We can work directly with the homeowner or with your house builder.  We provide the framing and install it, for about the same cost of wood members.  Another advantage to a steel home is you can change the location of all the interior walls!  The framing is an open span with no interior load bearing walls!  Homeowner's , Fire, and Windstorm rates are usually lower too!

Need access to your property? We can help!  We have the equipment to layout your driveway, spread crushed concrete, cold roll, or whatever material you want.  We also have the equipment to pack the material.  

Our team can build you a fence or deck as well.  If you want metal welded together, chain link, or wood fencing, we can install it!

Need a stock pond?  or maybe yours needs cleaned out?  We have the equipment to get it done! We are one of the few contractors who owns a Gradall.  Most of these machines are owned by cities and counties to clean out the ditches.  Ours is available to build or clean out your stock tanks!

Too many trees or brush on your property?  We have the equipment to knock over trees, clear and grade your property!  We also can trim trees and clear out brush, as well as brush hog / mow your property!


Tired of paying taxes on an empty building?  We have the manpower and equipment to demolish and remove the debris! We can take metal buildings apart and move them to a new location as well!  

We will return the land back to it's glory or can build a newer building in it's place!


Our mechanic has many years experience working on our equipment and is available to work on yours as well. He is familiar with Caterpillar, John Deere, International, Lull, Skytrack, JLG, and other brands of equipment. Need a track job? Machine won't start? Hydraulic hose leaking or blown? Need something welded? Give us a call and we will treat you right. We have very competitive pricing!  


Our team has the knowledge and equipment to move and set up your machinery.  


Don't have time to go to auctions?  We can help with that.  Our mechanic can check out the equipment you want.  We can bid on equipment for you from our office or on-site.  We will bid as your agent.  We can also provide or set up delivery of your equipment, if needed.  We have a 90% success rate!  We offer this service for a minimal fee!  Call us when you are ready to buy!


Dirt Work
Building Pads


Access to Engineers & Architects in your area!

If we can't do it, we will get you in touch with  people who can!

So give us a call even if you don't see your needs listed!


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